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Come meet us

Visit our winery in Montà, immersed in the historic Laione hamlet

The wines we produce are deeply linked to the territory in which they grow, from which they take the unique and unrepeatable character and notes.

For this reason, tasting them right here, in the cellar where my brother and I follow every stage of production, is a great added value

All our choices are aimed at the exaltation of Roero: an agriculture that is manual and attentive to the well-being of the ecosystem, the use of local wood for the production of barrels, the study of wild herbs that grow between the rows and that are linked to our culinary tradition … these are just some of the tricks that we Casetta brothers adopt in favor of biodiversity.

Visiting you give us

a chance to explain and share

with you the great passion that motivates us, as well as to guide you

in the tasting of the final result:

our 6 wines, the Roero pearls.

We start with
a walk…

Our vineyards are scattered around Montà, in hills chosen for exposure and composition.

The only one near the company is that of Arneis, in which we take you for a walk during the visit, but if yours is a small group and if you show interest for it, we can all go together to discover the other rows!


In the vineyards we tell you everything you need to know to facilitate your understanding during the tasting: you will be able to recognize the typical aromatic notes of this land, attributable to the soil, to our choices in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Do not be afraid to ask questions, the opposite: your curiosity facilitates our explanation!

Ours is a small traditional production, certainly touched by today’s modernity, but faithful to the genuineness of the past.

So don’t expect luxurious

and polished spaces: in the various rooms you will see the signs

of hard work

from 2001 to today.

…continuing then in the cellar

Once the tour is over we move on to the wine-making rooms, where we show you every step from the arrival of the grapes to the bottling.

In addition to the traditional local DOC and DOCG wines, during the visit we also discuss in detail the vinification of the two diamond points of the cellar, the Roero DOCG and the Val Del Moro Spumante Metodo Classico: these are the labels that most differentiate us, which represent our bet on the potential of this territory.

The first ages 6 months in wood, and is treated with our special barrels in local oak which give it a touch that is irreproducible elsewhere. The second is a wine with a strong appeal, produced from Arneis grapes and less popular among the cellars of the territory.


And then we finally
try our wines!

Theory is important, but it is the practical demonstration that gives meaning to the whole.

Once the demonstration tour of our work is closed, we move into the large tasting room divided on two floors, which can comfortably accommodate up to 50 people.

Now is up to you to choose the tasting, which costs € 18.00 per person and includes 6 glasses chosen from the labels produced. Everything is accompanied by breadstickssalami, as well as a small tasting of local products, exclusively seasonal.

This is an important moment of confrontation, in which the expectations created during the tour materialize: we analyze together every wine tasted, we review its origins and characteristics.

And if the result is satisfying, you can finish it all off with a nice on-site purchase of your favorites. Not enough room in your car? Don’t worry, we’ll send them directly to your home!8

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