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Once you’re here: what to do in the area

Sanctuary of the Pylons

A few minutes walk from our cellar, in the locality of Laione, there is the ancient Roman cultural site known today as “Santuario dei Piloni”.

This is composed of a Romanesque church, the cave of the Agony, thirteen chapels dedicated to the Via Crucis and the Holy Sepulcher, which concludes the itinerary.

The Sanctuary is crossed by the Religious Path, a naturalistic ring route of about 6 km with departure from the historical center of Montà.



The town of Roman and medieval times in which we are based passed over the centuries in different hands: first to the Malabaila, then to the Isnardi, to the Parellas of San Martino, to the Wicardel and finally to the Falletti of Barolo.

The panoramic terrace of Montà is unique in the Roero and is dominated by the castle of the Counts Morra of Lavriano.

The castle, in Renaissance style, is located at the peak of the old part of the village, characterized by small and narrow streets.

The “Ciabot”

The landscape of the Langhe and Roero is rich in small masonry constructions that in the local dialect are called “ciabot”.

Originally they were simple huts of corn, but given the need for a shelter during work in the fields, very often far from home, the “ciabots” passed from unstable and temporary structures to buildings in wood and masonry.

Nowadays they come in all shapes, structures and purposes, often becoming small houses, even fancy ones.

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