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About us

Vaiot, a name that echoes in the history of the Roero

Our name represents everything we believe in: Vaiot embodies the culture of the territory in which it was born, made up of great wines and a continuous search for quality.

The land owned is all located in Montà, near the Sanctuary of the pylons, a building of Roman origin and a symbol of great historical interest.

Our vineyards are proof of the environmental commitment that my brother Walter and I have at heart: here the grapes grow luxuriantly, among healthy rows surrounded by the wild herbs of the Roero.

Savory, Tansy, Chicory … many plants that grow on our lands, witnesses to the health and well-being of the soil.

All the treatments carried out in the vineyard are followed with the utmost care and attention. Most of the work is done manually in order to preserve the natural biodiversity of these lands.

For three generations our family has been committed to producing
labels that are faithful to the Roero wine tradition,
which tell the story of these hills
and at the same time safeguard them for future generations.


A brand that stands
for quality

Roero Arneis, Roero, Nebbiolo d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba, Val del Moro Spumante and Nebbiolo d’Alba Spumante Rosé. The six pearls of the territory united under a brand that, in the name of quality, gives life to a limited production.

We carefully select our grapes to guarantee a high quality finished product, in every bottle.


Our production is not of quantity, but of quality: like the cellars of the past, our only goal is to work well, without overdoing it, so as not to damage the great potential of this ecosystem.

Come and visit us to fully understand the authenticity of our work!

We describe
the territory through our

Through the use of oak barrels built with our own trees, grown in the Montà area, we also allow the wood to tell the story of this territory.

Nebbiolo and Barbera d’Alba are aged in non-toasted vats, while Roero softens in barriques, as per regulation.

In every sip of wine there is an aspect of this area suited to the production of DOC and DOCG red and white wines.

A union of characters for every situation, to be tasted to better understand the pieces of the Roero mosaic.


Vaiot means ...

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