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The eight peals of the Roero

The hills of the Roero are marked out by vineyards where the skilful hand of man has been able to craft the very best from the properties of the land.

Right from the outset in the vineyard, Poderi Vaiot produces DOC and DOCG wines which respect and get the most out of what nature has provided us with.

Tradition and modernity go hand-in-hand in producing wines that convey the aromas and flavours of the Roero


The wines of the Roero encapsulate it all: ranging from the freshness of Roero Arneis, to the structure of Roero DOCG, Barbera d’Alba and Nebbiolo d’Alba.

From fruity, floral aromas, to body and balance on the mouth.

Each Poderi Vaiot label wine reveals different nuances of this terroir: fragrances, tastes, colours.

And everything is done in the name of quality, to give enthusiasts the chance to envisage the Roero in their mind, and experience the story that is told in the production of Poderi Vaiot.

Every tasting
is a discovery

Most of the work is done by the grapes on their own, absorbing the aromatic notes of the soil.

We make sure that these traits arrive in the bottle, limiting the actions that can influence the final result.

A choice we make to highlight the territoriality of our wines is instead to use oak barrels built with our own trees, grown in the Montà area.

Wood also tells the story of this territory. The Nebbiolo d’Alba and Barbera d’Alba are aged in untoasted oak barrels, while the Roero is softened in barriques, as per regulations.

The Roero Arneis comes in a classic version, as well as a sparkling wine that goes under the name Val del Moro. Two different, winning ways of enhancing the heady aromas of a DOCG that is typical of the Roero.


How do we manage to
channel the territory
in our wines?